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k3d::color_chooser Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the standard K-3D color-chooser widget plus helper objects.


class  control
 Provides a UI for manipulating colors (i.e. the view and the controller from model-view-controller). More...
class  data_proxy
 Provides an implementation of k3d::color_chooser::idata_proxy that supports any data source that supports the value(), set_value(), and changed_signal() concepts. More...
class  data_proxy< iproperty >
 Specialization of k3d::color_chooser::data_proxy for use with k3d::iproperty objects. More...
class  idata_proxy
 Abstract interface for an object that proxies a data source for a color chooser control (i.e. the "model" in model-view-controller). More...


template<typename data_t>
std::auto_ptr< idata_proxyproxy (data_t &Data)
 Convenience factory function for creating color_chooser::idata_proxy objects.

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