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k3d::spin_button::idata_proxy Class Reference

#include <spin_button.h>

Inheritance diagram for k3d::spin_button::idata_proxy:

k3d::orientation::detail::spin_button_proxy_t k3d::position::detail::spin_button_proxy_t k3d::scale::detail::spin_button_proxy_t k3d::spin_button::data_proxy< data_t >

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Detailed Description

Abstract interface for an object that proxies a data source for a spin-button control (i.e. the "model" in model-view-controller).

Definition at line 45 of file spin_button.h.

Public Types

typedef SigC::Signal0< void > changed_signal_t
 Signal emitted if the underlying data changes.

Public Member Functions

virtual changed_signal_tchanged_signal ()=0
 Signal emitted if the underlying data changes.
virtual void set_value (const double Value)=0
 Called to set a new data value.
virtual double value ()=0
 Called to return the underlying data value.
virtual bool writable ()=0
 Returns true iff the underlying data source is writable.

Protected Member Functions

 idata_proxy (const idata_proxy &RHS)
idata_proxyoperator= (const idata_proxy &RHS)

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